How does it work?

For Borrowers

1. Book your item

Select how long you would like to rent this item and click ‘Book Now’. You will then proceed through the checkout to pay for the rental. Once payment is complete you are able to contact the lender.

2. Contact the lender

You may now contact the lender and arrange a time and place to pickup the item. The lender will receive notification the item has been paid for.

3. Return Item

As agreed upon with the lender you will return the item. You may now place feedback with us. Happy Renting!

For Lenders

1. List your item

On the top right hand side of the window, click the list my item button.

2. Enter Your Details

Follow the 3 easy steps to list your item. You will be required to add images, a price and a short description.

3. Congratulations

We will need to check your item and then it will be added to listings within 1 hr. We will contact you as soon as someone wants to lend your item. Happy Renting!



of items rented within 30km area

jail dollar

No Bond

No bond or setup fees are required


Lender Gurantee

Covers against non return and damages up to $20,000

gas pump

Hourly Charge

Only be charged per hour if the item is returned early