Add New Listing

Step 1

Top Tips:


1- Listing:

This is the name of the item you are listing (e.g Sup Board).

2- Gallery Images:

Gallery images are additional images to your main featured image.

3- Featured Image:

This is your most important image. This will be the main image that will show your item.

Step 2

Choose some tags, such as required skills or technologies, for this job.

Top Tips:


1- Listing Category (e.g Sup Board would be Water Sports)


  • Explain what is included / not included. Describe the condition and flag any faults.
  • It’s good to mention what other items you have that they could also rent.
  • Try and answer all their questions in the description so they can just book without having to message you.

(e.g The sup board includes a paddle. It has a minor dent on the rear left fin. You may wish to request a life jacket also. This is a great board for a first time user).


Step 3

Example: 20

Top Tips:


1- Price per day (e.g $12)

2- Email address This is important as this will be how the lender gets in touch with you

3-Location Where is your item located?

4-Phone Number

Your phone number will be kept private. We will only use it if we need to contact you urgently.